, as a representative of

, desire to participate in the 2023 National Fann. Machinery Show Championship Tractor Pull ("NFMS CTP") to be held on February 14 - 17, 2024. My participation is limited to obtaining photographs, video (including interviews of participants) and audio for media purposes for the 2024 NFMS CTP to be held in Freedom Hall, 937 Phillips Lane, Louisville, KY 40209. The NFMS CTP is owned and produced by the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Kentucky State Fair Board. I hereby agree to release and discharge the Kentucky State Fair Board, its officers and directors, employees, agents and volunteers from all claims, demands and actions for injuries sustained as a result of my participation in the 2024 NFMS CTP. I agree to release and hold harmless the Kentucky State Fair Board, its officers and directors, employees, agents and volunteers, from any cause of action, claim, or suit arising with my participation while on the premises of the Kentucky Exposition Center. I understand that my participation is voluntary and that either I or my employer maintain the requisite insurance to provide coverage ofthe scope ofmy work while participating at the 2023 NFMS CTP.

I further agree to the following:

  1. I will only gain entrance to the 2024 NFMS CTP in areas designated as "Media";

  2. I will not live stream or use video I obtain during the 2024 NFMS CTP for commercial purposes, including "pay-per-view";

  3. I agree not to sell 2024 NFMS CTP photographs;

  4. I will obtain permission from any participant of the 2024 NFMS CTP that I desire to interview; and

  5. I will abide by rules established by the 2024 NFMS CTP including following the directive of any NFMS CTP staff or its co-producers.

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