Valentine's Day without Championship Tractor Pull Tickets: Four easy alternatives to having a perfect night

Not sure what to do about Valentine’s Day without a tractor pull this year? You’re not alone!

It’s been years since we’ve spent a Valentine’s Day weekend anywhere besides Freedom Hall. If you’re a little lost on how to plan a Valentine’s Day, here are a few tips to throw together a last-minute romantic evening.

  • Does your partner love tractor pulling? Easiest answer! Purchase access to a past Championship Tractor Pull, turn the volume up REALLY loud and grab the popcorn. Bonus points if you have a leftover smoke machine from Halloween.

Don’t have a companion that loves pulling? That’s where things get tricky. Here are three quick and easy ways to make the day go by :

  1. Cook a nice dinner including your partner's favorite dessert and watch a romantic movie.
  2. Convince the kids to cook dinner (so you don’t have to cook) and the whole family gets involved.
  3. Order takeout from our favorite restaurant, light some candles, and have a romantic evening at home.

If we’re being honest, everyone here at the National Farm Machinery Show is a little uncertain what to do for Valentine’s Day.
But we know we’re all going to focus on spending time with those we love. It’s not often that we get to spend this day with anyone aside from 70,000 of our favorite tractor pull fans. We’re not going to take this year for granted.

The good news is that next year you won’t have to worry about anything except getting your tickets to the Championship Tractor Pull February 16-19, 2022. See you next year!

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